luni, 23 februarie 2009

Dead Sea Fruit - Dead Sea Fruit (1967)

Combining the deadpan wit of the Bonzo Dog Band and the social-conscious lyricism of the Kinks, Dead Sea Fruit helped to bring the British Invasion of the 1960s to France. Formed in 1966, the group spent three years based in Paris thrilling French audiences with their hook-laden songs. Although all but two members relocated to Dakar, Senegal, electric bassist/guitarist/vocalist Arthur Marsh, who had replaced founding member Christopher Hall in early 1967, returned to England after three months when club owners demanded that they stick to cover tunes. Dead Sea Fruit reached their apex in 1967, when their tongue-in-jowl single, "Lulu, Put Another Record On," reached the top position on the British music charts. Their self-titled album was released the same year. (AMG).

Tracklist :
1.The 815 And The 545; 2. Lulu, Put Another Record On; 3. Psychiatric Case; 4. Mr. Barman; 5. Matters; 6. Seeds Of Disconcent; 7. I'll Come With You; 8. I've Been Away Too Long; 9. Mr. Coffee Pot; 10. Time Waits For No One; 11. I Should Have Guessed; 12. Kesington High Street

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  1. Thanks. I don't think I've ever heard these guys, but since you reference one of my favorite bands (the Bonzos) - I have to give it a try.

  2. More infos on the band on the facebook page