duminică, 6 martie 2011

60s Psych Pop Treasures - Vol 1

60s Psych Pop Treasures is all about obscure psychedelic pop songs compiled for your listening pleasure. The songs are carefully picked to create the perfect pop compilation on each volume. So expect to find lots of melodic unknown gems inside the playlists.

Looking forward to know what you think of this and your comments are welcomed.


Vol 1

1. The Factory - No Place I'd Rather Be
2. Grisby Dyke - The Adventures of Miss Rosemary LaPage
3. Los Brincos - Peque? Pajaro
4. The Staccatos - Whisper Words
5. The Pussyfoot - Hasty Words
6. Bit 'A Sweet - 2086
7. The Fourmyula - Mr. Harris
8. Orange Bicycle - Amy Peate
9. Master's Apprentices - Elevator Driver
10. Saturday's Photograph - Gentle Lovin' San Francisco Man
11. The Merseys - Change Of Heart
12. The Daily Flesh - The French Girl
13. The Gloomys - Westend Station
14. West Coast Consortium - Colour Sergent Lillywhite
15. Chances Are - What Went Wrong
16. The British North-American Act - Baby Jane Days and Nights
17. The Avengers - Flower Girl
18. The Motions - Memories O' Fair Hired Lady

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  1. Hello:
    I just found your site through Prog Not Frog blog. I'm downloading the comp and very much looking forward to it. Thanks.

  2. Looks like Mediafire isn't allowing this post to be shared? I can't access it, and it just keeps "spinning" like it's loading.